Welcome to America's Host Agency for Home-Based and Independent Travel Professionals


We are a no frills,low fees, back to basics Host Agency allowing you the ease and freedom to operate your travel business.

Welcome to the fun and exciting world of the Independent Travel Professional. Whether you are presently, or wish to become, a Home-Based Independent Travel Professional, Coral Sands Travel can offer you a complete hosting service.

We offer and can recommend training courses that fit your particular travel niche or level of experience, even if you are brand new in the business.

We welcome both the experienced and the inexperienced travel professional. We are not a technology or marketing firm pretending to be a Host Agency attempting to sell you our products.We have just one product..host agency services.

We realize it is important for home-based agents to keep costs down and to realize more from their investment when choosing a Host Agency.

We are members of IATAN, CLIA,and The NEST. As an affiliate you will have access to our many travel agent booking engines including all the cruise lines, VAX, MLT,and all the hotels and tour operators. We also offer the top level supplier commissions and great email marketing programs.

Please take a few minutes to review our website. It is loaded with everything you may want to know about our program. Our program is straight forward with one single low fee to join.


If you are like many people who have researched Host Agencies, then you know how confusing and frustrating it is to choose the right one. Don't fall into the trap that a free membership is better or that you need to pay a lot of money for the best. When choosing a Host Agency you should look at the basics and then you'll be able to get past the "hype and deceptiveness".

Ask how long the host has been in business and if it's profitable. Please read our interesting and informative articles to learn more about Host Agencies.

Agencies offering photo ID cards are not really Host Agencies but are considered "card mills". Many times these card mills and other marketing type agencies use a form of the pyramid scheme to lure you in. These schemes may be legal, but it gives one reason to investigate. Other so-called host agencies, who are really marketing firms, usually send out misleading e-mail broadcasts containing outrageous text to get your attention. Their seminars offer "get the money" seminars that smell of the old "get rich quick" schemes offered by Multi-Level Marketing companies. Beware of those marketing firms offering consumers discounted travel afforded the 'real' agents. An over-abundance of testimonials is also a good tip-off of a marketing agency. Serious travel agents won't get fooled if they do their homework.

You will find Coral Sands Travel an easy choice as your Host Agency.


Please complete the application online, Independent Contractor Agreement online. Your credit card payment must accompany the IC Agreement.

Tel: 517-925-1601
Fax: 517-627-3321
Email: coralsandstravel@travelleaders.com
Website: www.americashostagencyonline.com


Please  complete the Application and Independent Contractors Agreement and submit online. You can also make a credit card payment at the same time. 

Tel: 517-925-1601, Fax: 517-627-3321
Website: www.americashostagencyonline.com

We are America's Host Agency for the Home-Based and Independent Travel Professional

Our live and online support to our travel agents is second to none.

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